Dumfries Internet Marketer Alasdair Walker Talks SEO Tactics In 2016

Piggy Backing with social media marketing

Social Marketing is still a strong marketing point but needs to be used more effectively. It is no longer really viable option just to bang some content and look to hit the boost button and expect to get traffic and sales to your website.

What can be a more effect method to piggy back trending topics and use this to promote your business. A simple Facebook, “we support a cause, like and share this to win this item.” This is an effect way to promote your business through social media with out having to spend a massive amount on an advert with all the fiddly bits that go with it. If you post something that will engage with your users with an item that they can get for free – it’s that part of the value that people will see. This also grows the reach off your page, adds followers and can get more people looking at your services. Sometimes its not what you offer but how you get people to see what you offer.

Reputation Management

A key area as well has been online reputation. A brand can be destroyed because of a mere 2 star review. We tend to trust the brands at the top of the Google rankings, purely because they are at the top and not in the adverts to get out attention. An SEO campaign can be looked in many different ways, but managing reviews is a key area that sometimes gets overlooked with the focus being made heavily on the ranking factor. The product, the service and the reviews need to be all taken into consideration. Something that I look at closely is if a potential client has a product or service that is worth the rank. I have noticed many high ranking websites with poor product or service and reputation, but they get the clicks and sales before someone that deserves the exposure. So I will go out my way to research a potential client to make sure they are worth the rank, as I don’t want to known to promote a bad service. You can read more about my process at www.oceanoneseo.com/dumfries where I break down what I look for and how I use that information to build a positive image for your brand online.

SEO spending be in $80 billion by 2020

This is the latest forecast made by Borrell Associates claiming that this figure will rise form the current SEO spending that is in the $65 Billion in 2016 will rise to be over $80 Billion by 2020. Proving that Online presence is the number 1 area that businesses look at when building there brand and advertising.

Mobile Optimisation Is Extremely Important in 2016

In case you didn’t know it already, mobile is massive and businesses need to be moving forward with their mobile presence more so now than ever. Mobile clicks are beating desktop clicks with having near 66% of searches coming from the mobile platform. Local businesses like restaurants, café’s, bars etc, are an area I feel that need to be moving in this direction if not done so already. The tourism market in Edinburgh is extremely competitive visit www.oceanoneseo.com/edinburgh for details on this market. Having tourist find your business over a competitor in this city can be the difference for a business having a good summer or looking at a bleak winter after the festival. Although SEO on a local scale can be seen as expensive as changes take time to show and most bars and restaurants have small profit margins, small changes to local listings, Google + pages and reviews are important to be made so that they compete at a higher level online and make their business stand out on a mobile level.



Yugoslav Themed Web Design

Yugoslav Architecture WebsiteA recent post at The Verge discusses a web design concept that’s new and unusual. The concept is a design that resembles architecture of Yugoslav castles. That’s right, it’s known as the “Yugoslav themed web design” and it’s yet another crazy website design concept by Erick of NWD. Erick of Nashville Web Design has been creating some of the most odd and unique web design concepts that have ever been heard of.

In 2012 Erick developed the Flemish style website design which incorporated vibrant colors and contours that would resemble that of a Flemish painting from the 1500’s. However an example of Erick’s Yugoslav web design can be seen in his recent painting website that went up only a month or so ago. We can’t wait to see further examples of this esoteric style of design.

While Erick and his team are no stranger to the risk involved in inventing new design styles and showing them off, to our surprise they have mostly remained successful in all of their endeavors. Erick tells us that there have only been a few web design concepts that have failed in the past, and the failures have been small to say the least. He said that for ever 10 design concepts that gets released, 1 tends to fail and those that fail are usually the concepts that have never had much heart or soul put into it.

Erick is the CEO of Nashville Web Design and takes pride in having a team of eccentric and unique web designers that participate and help push these “crazy” ideas. While most web designers strive for conservative, Erick and his team are working “outside the box” and coming up with new innovative ideas that could some day revolutionize the design industry. In fact, there have been several clothing designers that have taken after Erick and his oddball design concepts! In Boston last week there was even a catwalk modeling show that included several design concepts that Nashville Web Design had pushed in their recent events.

Erick and his team are very much thanked for their time and contribution to this article. They also helped us with a few minor bugs in our website! For that we’re very grateful for them and we’ve let them know that they are invited any time to participate in posting on our blog.

With that being said, please feel free to leave a comment below and make sure to share and like our posts! We’d love to hear your feedback if you have any, and let us know if you hear any news on the web design or SEO front! Thanks again for tuning in!


SEO- Some Insights

lawyer websites and seoHow does small businesses benefit from using SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a very common term used online and this is very important if you want your small business to grow big. It is very normal to see new businesses being introduced through the internet these days but the competition online is harder than what is normally happening on the real the real world.

Promoting your business the right way is a necessity if you want to compete against your rivals. Nowadays, SEO and marketing are inseparable concepts. This means that you need it in order to make your business more profitable and successful. This is the time when, no matter the field of your business, you certainly have a pretty strong competition there. In these conditions, many business owners are happy to just keep their head above the water, but this is definitely not the key to success.

You may want to handle marketing and promotions on your own as you think that you can spend enough time online yet there are more to SEO than what you think is happening. Acquiring the help of individuals who specializes in SEO is the best thing you can do for your venture. SEO cannot be learned overnight.b

If you want someone from your company to understand the technique and be good at SEO, you have to provide him with a lot of time for research and study. Taking into consideration that your employee didn’t know too much about SEO before, he will probably be overwhelmed by the multitude of old strategies that are no longer actual. adobe.com

If you convince all of your employees to do some research about SEO and apply some SEO strategies, this is nothing but a waste of time and money. You may have the best workers in your company but it is best for your business to let experts handle SEO for you.


Digital marketing – An Overview

zzWhen you talk about digital marketing, that does not only mean you are marketing your business through social media or search engine optimization. There are a lot of ways to make your business visible but without the right tools and experience as well as skills, you wouldn’t be able to achieve what you are aspiring as a result.

Other than using social media as means to let everyone know all about your interest, there are other ways to promote it which are handled effortlessly by skilled individuals who spent time to perfect these. Your website is the front of your business and an important component of your digital marketing strategy. Your web design should have a great and lasting impression for your clients and potential clients.

Each button and link should direct your clients to where they intend to be and have the information they want to know. If any parts of your website is not working, it may cause your clients to doubt your site. Your website should also be neat; the less clutter, the better. Remove buttons that are not necessary or place them under tabs. Place information on your homepage that are concise but still informative.

touch- tablet in hands Business man

Make sure you feature more of your business than other ads. Ads are great since you also get to promote other businesses, but having too many can make your site look annoying. Consumers will also feel frustrated if they accidentally click on an ad instead of a button or tab in your site. Naturally, if you are getting help from experienced and knowledgeable people, you can be sure that all these are covered. It is imperative that you acquire help from those who has mastered all the necessities of online promotion especially digital marketing. The results are not the same without the right ideas to use godaddy.