some factors that help your apartment for rent business grow

Rental apartment has been an attractive business recently since it is stable and profitable. There are some factors that i would recommend to help you in this type of business.

1/ Contact with some necessary services to get supports!

If you want your apartment in hcmc to be acknowledged by many people, it is necessary to have an integrated broker which can help you reduce troubles when some people want to have a look at the apartment and brokers can be a representative to negotiate with them. Using this service can bring many advantages when you have an apartment for rent:

  • They will introduce your house to thousands of people looking for rental flats nearby.    (Please, make sure that you choose an agency that can help you post advertisement on website).
  • They acknowledge the local market, demand, rental price and what the customers want from your flat.
  • Manage and lead the customers to have a look at

    your house, investigate their opinion about your house and let you reply.

  • On behalf of you to negotiate with the customers
  • Giving you some advice in this business

2/Understand the demand of each type of customer:

If your main customers are students, they are usually interested in the traffic situation, the distance between their place and schools, shopping and restaurants. If your customers are families, they are interested in security, park, supermarket to help their children develop themselves in the best environment. Some of them need a temporary accommodation when their houses are repaired….others want to rent for a long time…Therefore, depending on locations and services of the apartments, you can choose the suitable type of customers.

3/ Renting fees:

It is necessary to consider the fee before making your apartment for rent, beside the profit from rental apartment, there are also some other costs during the customer is renting your apartment.

+Some fees relating to the upgrade of apartments, some standards of safety and equipment for firefighting.

+Furniture (if necessary)

+Fees of broker agency

+Extra fees for repairment

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