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Yugoslav Architecture WebsiteA recent post at The Verge discusses a web design concept that’s new and unusual. The concept is a design that resembles architecture of Yugoslav castles. That’s right, it’s known as the “Yugoslav themed web design” and it’s yet another crazy website design concept by Erick of NWD. Erick of Nashville Web Design has been creating some of the most odd and unique web design concepts that have ever been heard of.

In 2012 Erick developed the Flemish style website design which incorporated vibrant colors and contours that would resemble that of a Flemish painting from the 1500’s. However an example of Erick’s Yugoslav web design can be seen in his recent painting website that went up only a month or so ago. We can’t wait to see further examples of this esoteric style of design.

While Erick and his team are no stranger to the risk involved in inventing new design styles and showing them off, to our surprise they have mostly remained successful in all of their endeavors. Erick tells us that there have only been a few web design concepts that have failed in the past, and the failures have been small to say the least. He said that for ever 10 design concepts that gets released, 1 tends to fail and those that fail are usually the concepts that have never had much heart or soul put into it.

Erick is the CEO of Nashville Web Design and takes pride in having a team of eccentric and unique web designers that participate and help push these “crazy” ideas. While most web designers strive for conservative, Erick and his team are working “outside the box” and coming up with new innovative ideas that could some day revolutionize the design industry. In fact, there have been several clothing designers that have taken after Erick and his oddball design concepts! In Boston last week there was even a catwalk modeling show that included several design concepts that Nashville Web Design had pushed in their recent events.

Erick and his team are very much thanked for their time and contribution to this article. They also helped us with a few minor bugs in our website! For that we’re very grateful for them and we’ve let them know that they are invited any time to participate in posting on our blog.

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